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This page is NOT WORK for me…. as many gents already know I can be a classy slutty hotwife…now more available and independent…. I love the excitement of meeting new gents (aged 21 plus…60???)… married/single… looks not important…. hygiene is…and must treat me with respect…. fancy me…or just want to fuck me…... everything on this page is personal and NOT WORK.
MOST GENT who need a discreet meet should consider my massage or other ser - vices/meets…. This meet is NOT A SERVICE …. it is for my personal / social /swingin/ dating side of my life… Ideally you should live or work local to me (say Bourne, Stamford, Peterborough or nearby (within 30 miles) and able to travel to me easily)… aged 21 to 50s Asian or white, English or European or mixed race who really fancy me. If you are shy but like me…. still get in touch … I get very nervous too when meeting new guys. I am interested in all guys…even guys who may be on low income or have little spare cash to spend but you must qualify for what I said above as this meet is not about money/fees or work. We can meet at mine as our FIRST MEET for local guys who fancy me….. CONTACT ASAP as I’m always horny … I don’t want fees for this meet but please cover my expenses… if you wish but not es - sential (say £20 to £30… sorry guys but stockings/make-up and washing my sheets all costs… it’s all about consenting adults so i have the right to say NO). Excellent chance for you guys who have seen me about teasing cock for years Remember guys this is a social meet…say at least 30 minutes…. see me all dolled up in heels, sexy outfit ….. we can have a chat… a cuppa and see how we get along…… you never know we may end up getting naughty…… (no fees..if we do)….. it all depends if I like you…and if you are really nice to me…. I like compliments and a well groomed, clean gent…so make sure you have a shower/shave etc before meeting me….. If we end up fucking as we most likely will …and you do me nice and make me cream…. maybe we can fuck again regular and see how and where it goes. Younger guys with plenty of stamina and a thick hard cock most welcome….. let’s meet soon and see how lovely you can make me feel…. It all starts with a meet….. phone me and arrange a meet….no questions …..no timewasters….let’s meet and let’s see….. I see so many guys about I want to fuck…. it could be you….. make it you…. phone me today…. feel free to buy me anything from my amazon wishlist or join my onlyfans page to learn more about me…see me fucking..sucking cock and a lot more… Phone … message or WhatApp me your name, age, location, a face pic and a little about you and mention … Local Lovers … and hopefully we can meet soon….
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NOW GUYS I’m as good as single and here to enjoy myself…. so this is your chance to meet me in a more personal and social way…. if you just want a massage or a no hassle sex then I suggest you use my professional services ONLY and leave this page…. I love positive attention from guys , love a guy giving me a cheeky smile or even chatting me up (only if it is the right place/time etc) …but if you are interested in me then this is best place to contact me. Of if you know me..see me about..say hi…swap numbers… I love that sort of thing… it is not a guy’s looks or build that matter to me… it is good hygiene ( I don’t like beards… neat small beards are fine) …. how polite, friendly and sweet a guy is… how badly he wants me (wants to fuck me)… if he checks me out nicely…really fancies me… So if Im your type of lady then carry on reading…. I’m a hotwife and expect to be treated really nice…. I’m here for NO FEES casual sex… some excitement… make new friends/lovers . I am discreet so won’t tell anyone…. even if you are my neighbour…. there are plenty of local guys of all ages/build I would love to fuck…. It is about time you made your move on me….. contact me asap…. and tell me who you are….. don’t hide…be open and honest…. Plus for those gents who like a lady like me …for dating or something more regular/serious I am interested too. I DO NOT owe anybody anything (meet/sex or whatever) …. it is solely my choice… it’s about my consent…. so be nice to get my attention.


07759 163 298


07759 163 298

Hotwife Slut 4 local guys

gents from other areas…

I have done swinging/dating other guys for many years and you can some of my naughty adventures on my ONLYFANS PAGE …CLICK HERE . However I am constantly getting banned on Fabswingers, Plenty of Fish (POF) , Tinder, Facebook and others …. apparently because I work in the adult industry… seriously guys…. I was a slut… swinger before I started getting paid for my work… and swinging/dating is a hobby… social - ising and making new friends/experiences…. so let’s have some fun together even if you live in other areas of the UK . So regardless of where you live I’m willing to consider meeting you if you can travel to my area….. book/pay for a hotel etc where we can hopefully get very naughty…. I don’t want FEES for this meet…. but a few gifts/gift card from my amazon wishlist appreciated in advance to get my attention etc… I like a man who can spoil me a little…work for my pussy…. as I am worth it. I also like flowers/drinks and shopping money (cash)….. when we meet …not essential but making me happy will get you in my good books and my knickers come off very quickly. As mentioned previously I’m a hotwife who loves showing her cuck (useless in bed ex-fella) that I am fucking/dating other men…. so for this meet he will be with me when we meet in your hotel room. He is lovely, does exactly as I say, will never join in… has no say in whatever we do… that is my choice…consenting adults etc… I like him to watch/video as we get naughty…. it’s something I love doing…videoing myself being a slut with other guys. Masks can be worn for your privacy, I prefer that you bring some I.D too…. it really turns me into a real dirty whore as it is such a turn on getting done by others infront of him. Remember guys he has no say…. and I’ve done it before so no need to be concerned..he knows the situation…. He will leave whenever I tell him too…. So if we get along…. I often like to do some one on one time so we get get even more intimate…maybe do the mushy stuff if it feels right…. This could be a amazing one off experience or maybe leading to regular meet….. without cucky being involved…
MY SEXUAL LIKES I am as good as single so ready to get seriously involved with a new man if we have the chemistry and you can look after all my needs. Until I’m just enjoying myself with new guys…. I enjoy compliments, like a guy who can pay me lot’s of attention… I like mature gents 40 plus for their calmness, understanding and appreciation . Younger gents…for the obvious, health, fitness, youth, stamina , energy and excitement . Like powerful or big guys, tall or muscular…. with a large willy ..as I love a hard shag at time. I know smaller gents can give me a hard shag so all welcome. I like the posh, educated and geeky chap….. as they are always chatty nervous or shy to start…. but they always worship me…. maual labourers… strong and fit guys…. no nonsense…. no question..get on with it…. I love a guy who wants to fuck me and don’t mess about… I enjoy kissing, cuddling, intimacy…. love my fanny licked…. drives me wild… love attention to my tits. Don’t like slapping or any biting or other abuse. Love sex…fucking…. bareback… fuck me hard…fuck me gentle…long or a quickie ..it all rocks my boat. Anal…yes with a regular lover… HURRY CONTACT ME… let’s meet and fuck .. I’m horny
You may have contacted me in the past via a dating/swinging or other site or seen me about without any luck in getting near me. I am obviously busy with work as I do need to earn a living so i suppose an easy no questions way to meet me is to simply book a massage or other meet with me and we can have a chat etc and you can let me know whatever you are looking for/are interested in…. I alway enjoy meeting guys who fancy me..want to date me… or just want to get into my knickers… Or you can try chatting me up in person if you know me/see me about… just be polite, friendly, discreet or just give a little smile/wink and message me on here later. There are plenty of guys I am interested in… and I am open minded so don’t have a type…. So please take the time to read all pages of this website to see which meets suits your needs/wants/desires….use the navigation bar at top I’m interested in guys with big thick cocks …aged 21 to 50s…. also like average gents with stamina, polite, friendly (cock of 5 inches plus …so you dont have to be big to please me)… I love being licked out…enjoy kissing, plenty of attention to my tits and a guy who can treat me with respect and consideration…. You can fuck me like a slut… or treat me like a princess … girlfriend in bed. Younger inexperienced …especially local guys most welcome too. HOTWIFE SLUT MEET above is a great meet for you local chap to meet me no fees if we fuck… No need to be rude or vulgar when you phone…. text me…. I know you are wanting to meet me as you want to get into my knickers…. YES ..I am here to meet new guys who want to fuck me…pleasure me…fill me with cum. So pick up that phone and contact me today…. You will enjoy meeting me
I am open


07759 163 298

Please NOTE …if you call me and I don’t answer I maybe busy so please try again or leave me a whatApp or text . Tell me your name and location and what meet you want and when…. I will get back you you asap…. Please don’t leave message like hi… how are you ?… etc
You don’t need a massive cock to satisfy me…. anything over 5 inches and thick is enough… however gents with big cock most welcome too….

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Join my onlyfans page…. to see 100’s of naughty photos and videos of me. See me in stockings, heels, tights…. tits out..pussy out..fucking and sucking cock…. and a lot more.. ONE low monthly FEE..CANCEL ANYTIME…. CLICK HERE …. ONLYFANS.COM/LOUISEJACKSONUK

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Like most hotwifes I enjoy dressing sexy, classy or slutty …. heels, tights, stockings, miniskirts and tops that show off my huge natural 34DD tits. My blonde hair and red- lips and sexy wiggle helps to get me noticed…plus many of you guys have seen me online in amateur swinging porn movies I make and share with you guys often for free so appreciate all cash donations ,amazon gifts, subscriptions to my onlyfans and most of all using my services…massage and all other meets. Obviously aswell as earning a living from my services on this website… I need an in- come guys… I am also here to meet new friends, casual sex, excitement, be a slut and enjoying being a swinging hotwife… Some of you local gents, Bourne, Peterborough, Stamford, Spalding and elsewhere may have seen me about… I’ve been told I am quite hard to miss…. some have man- aged to chat me up…swap numbers and end up filling me with cum….. just love unex- pected encounters like that.. Met gents of all ages, size, race and build in pubs, clubs, when shopping, even when with my cuck (fella..just ignore him)… Just love guys checking me out when i am out and about in public…more of you guys need to hit on me…. say hi.. pass me your number…. remeber this is NOT WORK…This is socialising…NO FEES… Friendly, polite, discreet types I like unless we are in the right kind of place…. please don’t stalk me…follow me or drive past me repeatedly…. CHAT ME UP..if shy…mes- sage me on here via my phone or email… and let me know you have seen me or are local… Here is a treat for you local guys… instead of driving about looking for me…. I’m offering you guys to see me in public..often all dolled up and ON THE PULL…. so that means feel free to approach me…chat me up…hand me a gift/flowers or your number…ask me out or anything else..nothing rude or vulgar please.. How this works is you contact me by phone or email and mention PUBLIC HOTWIFE… at my discretion…. I will tell you where and when I will be…. so you can see me in public and if you want come and say…HI…or chat me up etc.. FOR ME…nothing beats a face to face meet/encounter…my knickers are wet just thinking about all your horny local guys wanting to meet me this way…. STOP HIDING and let’s get to know each other…here is your chance to fuck me NO FEES

Swinging dating and being a slutty hotwife

Like most people I have to earn a living so have NO CHOICE but to go to work . I work on webcam and do massage and other adult services as you can see on this website. If you like me and can travel to me.. I would love to meet you…. j ust book me for any of my PAID FOR services/meets on here…. I also sell some of my naughty pics/videos of my hotwife adventures etc. So please subscribe to my onlyfans and other sites I use… it is appreciated and allows me to continue being a slutty hotwife for you guys…. I am also offering FREE/NO FEES MEETS on here…. but any cash donation appreci - ated to cover my time/expenses… gifts also welcome as it’s nice to be made a little special/wanted… Some of you guys don’t seem to see the difference between my work and my private time (fun, dating, swinging,socialising, making friends etc)…. I am NOT available to meet as a slutty hotwife most of the time…only when I am FREE and NOT working…. so if you want to meet me at a specific time/date then beast to book me through my work…. book a paid for service with me…. OR agree to cover my loss of earnings with a donation and I can take time off to meet you for a NO FEES hotwife meet… I hope you guys understand this…. I prefer to be getting laid, getting attention to my tits and fanny in person than working…but I also love meeting gents through work as I do get fucked quite often by my clients…especially now I’m single… When I am not working swinging/dating and being a slut hotwife is my lifestyle… hobby and I love it… So if you want to meet me this way… I’m willing when I am off work…so it must be a time/date convenient to me…. unless you can cover my loss of earning and I will NOT go to work and spend time with you… So please phone me for whatever meet you want.. I am horny and on here to meet new guys…get laid by guys who fancy me…or want to fuck me…date me or more…. So make TIME for ME… be available when I am and we can FUCK FOR NO FEES
Do you have a wife…girlfriend ?…. I honestly don’t care…. for the most discreet NO HASSLE meets use my services…. You might aswell come and meet me…fuck me…fill me with cum…. here is a great chance for all you guys… after all I am quite sure other guys are doing some of your ladies…. I am a hotwife… been getting fucked by other guys forever…first behind his back then both infront of him and without his knowledge…. Treat me well we can fuck/date or even start a relationship…. but most of all I am being a slut hotwife for you guys who fancy me…want to fill me with cum. I don’t mind who you are… I’m willing to give you a chance… just don’t waste my time…with text message etc… get to the point and ask to meet…. my huge tits and juicy fanny are waiting…