Frequently Asked Questions….. FAQs.

I have put together some frequently asked question so please spend some time reading them as it will help you learn more about me and my services, likes, hobbies and sexual needs/desires and more. I Some of the content on this page is for entertainment and fantasy and some maybe fact…but it is what I want to share/show you guys….
HOW OLD ARE YOU ? I’m over 35 but still young enough to be sexy, horny and a slutty hotwife….. best of all I am now as good as single and more available than ever before DO YOU HAVE FAMILY ? YES, got hitched up when young, had kids (family)… now all grown up…left home and I’m free and single meeting new guys..being a hotwife slut… independent self employed. Need to earn my own income so all support appreciated…gifts, donations and every other help. Most of all I am seeking to date new guys….even get more serious… who wants to MARRY ME…. look after all my needs.? HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN A BIT OF A SLUT ? COCKTEASE? As soon as I became a woman, I would get lots of attention from men…. don’t blame them as I have massive tits, big arse, leggy and amazing curves and cheeky giggle. Plus I’ve always been told i am quite pretty. So I loved the attention and it al - ways turned me on…obviously when younger I was shy and inexperienced so was not as slutty as I am today. HOW BIG ARE YOUR TITS ? Guys… why do you always have to ask,., As you can see they are massive… all natural…. and if you need a number then it is 34DD … so more than a handful..big, bouncy and very sensitive… HAVE YOU EVER BEEN UNFAITHFUL ? Simple answer is YES… YES…. YES…. after a few years my guy bored me silly… even them days I always used to dress in high heels, tiny skirts and tops that just teased all you guys… Got hit on my all my fella’s mates… so it was only a matter of time before I was open - ing my legs to them…. I loved it…all that attention…. and knowing I was doing it behind his back was a turn on too… Plus I would get chatted up when shop - ping and i used to go clubbing so I often had one night stand coming home full of another man’s cum. I was a stunner so guys would chase me…shower me with gifts and beg me to fuck them so I am used to that… Hence now I’m a hotwife who is only interested in gents who can treat me right.. HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN SWINGING? Been cheating/fucking other guys for over 20 years… behind my cuck (fella) back…. with regards to swinging…. We started swinging over 15 years ago when I convinced him it would make me happy meeting other guys. He agreed and we met gents …often I would not do much with them during our swinging meet… maybe kiss …a little grope..get my tits out and a few drinks/chat etc… (as my fella was there too and I didn’t want him to know i was a slut) So if i liked the guy I would contact him again, meet him without my fella and get fucked silly… I even had some long term lovers and with a few it got quite serious too…. and my fella never found out….. After a few years I would slowly start fucking guys infront of my fella (cuckie) it turned me on soo much. More than cheating on him… showing him I was being fucked and filled with another man’s cum was amazing… so I want more… just love fucking guys infront of my useless almost ex-fella.
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The Essential English Blonde
ARE YOU A WOMAN ? Yes I was born as a female… now grew up to be quite an attractive lady for my age… SEE PHOTO for proof I DO NOT owe anybody anything (meet/sex or whatever) …. it is solely my choice… it’s about my consent…. so be nice to get my attention.


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DO YOU LIKE KISSING ? I love kissing as foreplay and during sex. I love my tits kissed, licked and sucked gently…. love my neck kissed gently, my inner thighs, and obviously love my pussy licked, kissed, played with gently.. I am soo sensitive… I don’t smoke or vape etc… WHAT COLOUR ARE YOUR EYES? Green/grey in colour and very seductive… fucking me as I look into your eyes will make you blow your load. TIGHTS OR STOCKING ? I like both and often wear both…. stockings are a little more naughty as they allow easier access to my pussy….but guys like tights and they come down quite easily… well mine do if I want the gent in question inside me… I’D LOVE TO MEET YOU BUT FEEL I WOULD CUM TOO QUICK ? Men ….men ….. don’t let a little thing like that stop you meeting me and having an amazing experience with me. Anything can happen… so just live and don’t worry or plan matters like this…. There are soo many ways you can enjoy yourself with me… I’m very good at massage…. I can tease, flirt or there is oral sex and a lot more…. and obviously if time/energy allows we can go a second time or more…. Life is about having new experiences…. I never judge or compare gents etc… we are all different and that is what is exciting. I CAN NOT GET THROUGH ON PHONE TO YOU …. HELP ? Sorry …. Obviously as I answer all my own calls, I can’t be on the phone 24/7 but when not busy working…sleeping…being naughty I do my best to answer. I am about 7 days a week… daytimes to early evening to answer call… sometime I get bad mobile reception so just leave a polite text…or a WhatApps message or try calling me on whatapp…not a video call… Say who you are and what you are interested in when you leave a message. My number is mainly to arrange meets with me…..once you have read my website and de - cided on a way you want to meet. Please respect this…thank you. WHERE CAN I SEE NAUGHTY PHOTOS/VIDEO…PORN OF YOU ? The best place is ONLYFANS… it is only a few pounds to subscribe for a month…. and you will be supporting me that little bit…. you get to see 100s of naughty photos/videos of me included and you can message me direct all in - clusive… click here to join… I HAVE SEEN YOU AROUND AS I WORK IN YOUR AREA AND YOU ARE GORGEOUS SO CAN I COME AND CHAT YOU UP NEXT TIME I SEE YOU? Thanks sweetie… I am friendly but also have to be careful, so only approach me if it is a busy place and you are the type of gent who is confident enough to chat to a woman he doesn’t know… as many men get tongue tied and that is not good for either of us… I love being chatted up in per - son by a lovely gent. But please don’t stalk me…follow me around in a shop or in your car…that is NOT ACCEPTABLE….. best thing is to message me to my phone or phone and tell me you have seen me etc and want to meet or arrange a massage or something with me. Feel free to send me gifts via my AMAZON or elsewhere to get my attention. YOU ARE A MODEL AND DO PORN AND A POSH LADY SO YOU WON’T BE INTERESTED IN ME AS I WORK AS A MECHANIC… BUILDER.. IN A FACTORY… SHOP ETC ? I understand what you are saying….. but when it comes to my work…services I offer I am available to all gents…regardless of age (over 21..), build/race/job/disability etc….. just be clean, polite and friendly and the rest will be amazing…. When it comes to me being a swinging hotwife slut…or dating guys…. basically the same applies it…. but you must be more available for me when I am free to meet and be willing to do the kind of stuff I am interested in…. read all the pages of my website.. so never worry about what job you have or what money you have or even what you look like…it all depends if we get along and we can have some good times together…. give me a try and make it a good try….be keen…enthusiastic, polite and understand I am not a porn star… not a mad sex crazed lady…. I’m quite normal..just a horny hotwife. WHAT IS THE EASIEST WAY TO MEET YOU IN THE FIRST INSTANCE? I suggest to meet me for a massage and HR or massage and sex (at £55 and £95 respectively )…… CLICK HERE …. Or try meeting me any other way on this website…. Just phone me to arrange or try using my email..WhatApps etc.
SEEN YOU ON A DATING OR SWINGING SITE/APP MESSAGED YOU AND NEVER GOT A REPLY ? I have used dating and swinging site over the years to meet gents… mat many and had some amazing experiences…but I am often getting banned on most…even on so - cial media… often banned on facebook, Tinder, Instagram, POF, Swingingheaven and many others…yet many have the audacity to use my photos to get you guys to join up and pay a joining fee… I am as good as single… offer sexual services plus others, and seking new dates, swinging and even love a new serious relationship …. so you have found me on here to contact me…meet me and let’s see where it may leads… I SAY FUCK BIG BUSINESS… DATING SWINGING AND SOCIAL AS they are trying to limit and control me…. meet me and you will see I am a lady who is a lot more fun, friendly and down to earth… FOR A FEW WEEKS I WAS ON FACEBOOK ASKING FOR DATING AND WANTING A SERIOUS RELATIONSHIP… I WAS BANNED SO WHO WANTS TO MARRY ME? Yes guys… I am ready to get serious with a new guy who can look after all my needs and treat me like a HOTWIFE… princess… I know most guys just want a good time with me… I understand I am too much of a whore for many respectable guys but we can still get naughty together dis - creetly… But for you guys who really like me…meet me and if we have a connection and you treat me special..just bear in mind you can make me yours… aged 30 to 60s con - sidered for this… SUGAR DADDY OR LONG DISTANCE RELATIONSHIP ? If you are a wealthy chap and want to look after me then I’m interested… buy me expensive things, pay my bills, weekly/ monthly allowance etc. In return I can be your long distance girlfriend…maybe a virtual gf… chat/message or webcam with you…maybe meet on occasions or if you prefer something more intimate I am also seeking a more real long distance relationship…proper girlfriend stuff.. especially if you can pay all my bills/monthly allowance etc…. Can make it exclus - ive…if that is what you want…so I don’t meet anyone else… I am yours alone… It starts with a nice big gift….or maybe arrange to meet me and we can chat and see where it may go… I WANT SEX WITH YOU… NO STRINGS AS I HAVE A GF ? It’s easy guys , you need to use one of my paid for adult services which offers sex . CLICK HERE Pick up phone.. phone… text… WhatApps me and mention what service you want and when etc…. CAN I FUCK YOU FOR NO FEES ? YES I do meet gents and have sex without being paid for sex….. as in casual meets, dating, relationships, regular lovers and even with guys who I like or fancy especially if they treat me nice..with respect in public and on initial con - tact…. by message, in person or phone. After all I’m a lady who is used to being worshipped, looked after and expect men to be good to me…. as I am confident and experience and only interested in gents who can treat a woman properly…hence this is not about money….it is respecting my needs/feeling and my time. Treat me good and if we end up fucking you will be in for a good time as I’m lovely in bed… FOR NO FEES MEETS see swinging/cuckold related pages or TAKE MY HOTWIFE CHALLENGE BELOW …. if you are not all talk …. as I need some attention between my thighs.
I am open
This is my HOTWIFE CHALLENGE …. put it simply…. Sometimes I get really horny and need attention as I work hard so when off work or maybe during a break I may need my pussy seeing to…. So this meet has all my rules/ conditions and I decide who I meet…and also I decide what I do with whoever in private or elsewhere…. I have the right to say NO (it is about consenting adults)… Ideally you should be aged 21 to 40’s, in good health /physical shape and have excellent personal hygiene, no long hair (head or facial)…. no heavy tattoos. Any race, colour, religion etc, medium to muscular build, a few extra pounds are fine with me… medium to tall (over 5ft 8 tall as I’m leggy almost 6 ft in my heels) …. Penis size ?… well you must be able to get erect… no pressure… be thick, not too much foreskin, decent length of 6 to 9 inches preferred. Must be willing to do bareback and cum in me too at my discretion.

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Pleasure me… be my lover or more…NO FEES
SO WHAT AM I LOOKING FOR ? Im seeking reliable regular lovers who can meet me on short notice whenever I need them for company, sex or swinging /hotwife related activities. So if you are interested in fucking me possibly dating me, having regular SEX WITH ME… NO FEES then here is your chance… Please read above to see if you qualify. Excellent chance for gents who are local to peterborough, Bourne, Stamford or not too far who are quite fit, horny and fancy me…want to fuck me…. chance to make me your regular hotwife to enjoy. HOW DO I APPLY ? …. .Simply text..WhatApp your face pic, penis pic and your name, age and a little about you and mention the HOTWIFE CHALLENGE and I will put you in my little black book…. when I am free and feeling horny I will contact you…. and then I will give you a maximum of 2 hours to get to me …. NO EXCUSES if you are at work…. then tough…if you are busy…drop it and come and see to my pussy and tits… as I will be all tarted up in heels, stockings and horny for cock… I may give you a second chance another day…. but this challenge is all about me getting cock when I need it….. not when it suits you guys… for that book one of my paid for services.. Hopefully we get to meet within the two hours and then we can get naughty…. just be clean, polite, well groomed and dressed smartly..this is a date… as I will be looking stun - ning and believe me I am sex on legs… Give me a nice fuck, eat me out nicely etc… make me cream and tingle and I will see you again and again as long as you remain reliable and eager… I am experienced at this so I do fuck on the first meet.. Obviously I like to do the swinging hotwife thing… I do like to video… take pics etc during these meets…you can wear a mask if you wish if you need to keep it hush…discreet.. So there gys you have it…if you want to fuck a HOTWIFE LIKE ME…you have be available when I need you… I’m seeking gents who have time to spend between my thighs and want to please me… With regards to being videod… I’ve done this for years…married gents, VIP gents and some famous gents …but no one has ever been recognised …even when I have shared some of these videos online… It’s a horny hotwife thing..plus I get to show my cuck how a real man is fucking his lady..now he has lost that privalege..
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